Renewing your road tax on time is advisable to avoid being summoned by the police or JPJ fees for late renewal. It is illegal to drive or ride around with an expired road tax unless special permission is given by the authorities.


A vehicle road tax is valid for one year and needs to be renewed yearly. If you cannot remember when your road tax is due, you can easily check the date online through the JPJ portal. Just follow these four (4) simple steps once you are at the website;

  1. Search for Inquiry of Motor Vehicle License Expiry.
  2. Select your ID. Category (such as MyKad).
  3. Fill in your Identification Number and Vehicle Registration Number.
  4. Click submit.

The portal will provide you with details like the date of commencement and the expiry date of your road tax, along with the insurance expiry date. Hence, you will not miss your road tax renewal date.


The price of a road tax in Malaysia varies depending on a few factors;

  1. Size of Engine Capacity

    A higher fee is imposed on larger-capacity engines. The increase in rates is due to the old tax system that is still being practiced in Malaysia. According to this tax system, the assumption is that the use of large engines will increase pollution rates. Due to this, large-sized car owners will be charged with a higher rate as driving will contribute to more air pollution.

  2. Location (Peninsular Malaysia, East Malaysia, or Labuan/Langkawi/Pangkor)

    East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak) is offered road tax prices that are much cheaper than Peninsular Malaysia due to the poor road infrastructure in comparison. Due to the poor geographical characteristics and quality of roads, Sabahans and Sarawakians prefer to have a large 4WD (four-wheel drive) vehicle that has a large engine capacity to pass through challenging areas. For residents in Labuan, Langkawi, and Pangkor, are charged with a fixed road tax price of RM20 for the 1000cc engine type. If their vehicle exceeds the capacity, the road tax price will be charged 50% of the vehicle owners in Peninsular Malaysia.

  3. Types of vehicle usage

    The types of vehicle usage will also determine the road tax price in Malaysia. If the vehicle is registered as a privately owned vehicle by an individual, it will cost cheaper compared to a vehicle registered under a company-owned vehicle.

  4. Types of vehicle

    The final factors that will determine the cost of road tax that you will need to pay are the types of vehicles you are driving. Vehicles can be separated into two categories;

    • Saloon: Sedan / Hatchback / Coupe / Wagon / Convertible
    • Non-Saloon: MPV / SUV / Pick-ups / Commercial


It doesn’t matter what types of vehicles you own, be it a car, motorcycle, or even a van, road tax renewal can be done online. The online renewal process is open to all vehicle owners in Malaysia. Jomroadtax.my is the platform offers a service for online road tax renewal with these simple steps:

  1. Fill in all the required information, such as Vehicle Registration Number, IC Number, Postcode, and Mobile Phone Number.
  2. Choose your best sum covered, extra coverage, & confirm details.
  3. Make your payment with your bank online payment powered by QPAY.MY
  4. Covernote will be send via email and road tax will be delivered to your home address.
  5. Delivery charges for road tax renewal is free and courier by Ninja Van


  1. Check the Insurance and road tax expiration date.

    The first step before renewing your road tax is to make sure you know your insurance and road tax expiration date. It is important to get the exact date as you do not want to have any complications during the renewal process.

  2. Ensure that your vehicle is free of any summons

    If you have any backlog of summonses, you have to settle it first. The reason for the occurrence is that you are not allowed to renew the road tax of the vehicle if there are any pending summons.

  3. Check the market price of your vehicle.

    It is advisable that you check the current market value of your vehicle in the interest of your insurance policy.

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